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Open Forum Of The Week

This post is specifically made for conversations, feedback, questions, and comments.

If you are a Veteran or soon to be Veteran looking for help in areas like Veterans resources, personal finances, professional growth, or really anything that enhances your value, please comment here or email us at

If you are a Veteran who wants to share your success with other Veterans please comment on other's questions and E-mail us at with any useful information or topics you would like us to share with the community!

If you are not a Veteran, we have plenty of useful information for you as well and we love support from outside of the Veterans community! Please feel free to look around, read or watch our content, or stop by our store!

Our current biggest goal is to simplify useful information and bring content to those looking for success in the Veterans community. We count on you to send forward topics, concerns, information, and feedback to help us create the best platform and content possible. We look forward to growing with the community and expanding Venture Veterans in the future. Don't forget to create a login so you have access to our templates and updates! Thanks for reading.

-Amanda at Venture Veterans

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