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The Joint Service Transcript (JST) is a great resource for Veterans, National Guard, Reserves and Active Duty members (besides the Air Force). Below we will be going over 3 areas we have selected regarding the JST including: What is the Joint Service Transcript (JST), How to Access your JST, and why it is an important resource.

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What is the Joint Service Transcript (JST)

  • The Joint service transcript is formally a transcript used to document your military education, training, and occupational experience during your service.

  • Courses that have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) will have credit recommendations on the JST.

  • The JST is ALSO where selected military service is translated into civilian college credit. This is great for those of us less interested in the length of college. This can save you money and time on your degree.

  • Documented proof of your formal education.

  • The JST can give your future employer a civilian translated version of your experience.

  • Military occupations and personal service member data is on the JST.

  • When you make rank, be sure to check your JST for a possible increase in your earned college credits.

  • Active duty and reserve members can use their JST as a reference when writing their own performance evaluations or when writing themselves up for special awards!

  • Your college level test scores will also be present (CLEP, DSST, ACT, NCPACE) on your JST.

  • Finally, civilian classes you have taken will also show up on the JST making it an all-in-one transcript for convenience.

How To Access Your Joint Service Transcripts (JST)

  • This tool is for all branches except the Air Force. Those who served/ are serving in the air force will need to contact CCAF or the Air University for transcripts.

  • Active duty, Reserves, National Guard, and Veterans You will need to register for an account to access your JST if you have not done so previously.

  • Once accepted you will be able to view and print unofficial transcripts as well as request official transcripts sent to your school at no cost.

Why Is The Joint Service Transcript (JST) An Important Resource

  • Courses from your Joint Service Transcript can be applied towards your degree and can save you a lot of time and money in classes that may not interest you in the first place.

  • It is documented proof of what you have done.

  • It translates what you did during your time in to a language that is universally understood.

  • It can be an aid for writing your resume.

  • It can take off time from your formal education.

  • You can use it to write your evaluations.

  • The credits you receive on your JST may be the decision maker for your choice of school.

PRO TIP: Before committing to a college it may save time to ask about military credits first. Some schools will accept none while others may accept all of them. Check out our Post-9/11 forum for more on this conversation below!


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